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2016 Race Schedule



2016 Membership/License

If you can print on 1 page (front & back) that would be great!



Please contact Ed Kuhlmann to see if the number you want is still available. We do not want to double up on numbers!


Membership Fees~

$15.00 for Riders and Associates – up to Oct. 17th, 2015

$25.00 for Riders and Associates – Oct. 18th, 2015 – 2016 Spring Meeting

$100.00 for Riders and Associates – After 2016 Spring Meeting


New members to NDMA or anyone that did NOT have a membership in 2015 your fee will be $25 after the 2016 Spring Meeting.


Print out the Membership/License Forms and mail to:

Ed Kuhlmann
10014 22nd Street SE
Wimbledon, ND  58492

If you want your License mailed back to you, please include a self addressed stamped envelope with your application.


If you have questions contact Ed Kuhlmann kuhlmann@daktel.com or Rachel at rachel@allamericantravel.us


KTM Contigency - please click on the link


Board Members:

President: Tom Peters - Tom.Peters@msd1.org

Vice-President: Dave Francis - dfrancis610@gmail.com

Treasurer: Ed Kuhlmann -kuhlmann@daktel.com

Secretary: Jason Stugelmeyer -jstugelm@gmail.com

Rider Rep: Rex Krogh - rexkrogh253@gmail.com



Please do not forget your transponder! If you are a new member and do not have one, you will receive it at the first race. If you forget your transponder, you can rent one for $5.00


KTM Contingency Info - Will Be Updated Soon

(offered for the 2015 NDMA Series)