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***Bismarck - August 24 (Sunday) - Races Cancelled Due to Weather***


For the 50's, 65's and 85's that signed up to race on Saturday, August 23rd in Bismarck we will be running your classes after practice on Saturday, September 6th at the Bismarck race before we start the scheduled races for that day. If you have any questions please contact one of the board members.


KTM Contingency Info

(offered for the 2014 NDMA Series)


2014 NDMA Banquet - October 25, 2014

Seven Seas - Mandan


2014 License

If you can print on 1 page (front & back) that would be great!


Print out the License Forms and bring with you to the race or mail it to:

Ed Kuhlmann
10014 22nd Street SE
Wimbledon, ND  58492



If you have questions contact Ed Kuhlmann or Rachel at rachel@allamericantravel.us

Any questions contact:

President: Tom Peters - Tom.Peters@msd1.org

Vice-President: Todd Reidman - todd@rbrmotorsportsnd.com

Treasurer: Ed Kuhlmann - kuhlmann@daktel.com

Rider Rep: Randy King - king@midco.net