Promoters and Promoting Clubs

Thank you for taking the time to prepare and put on races.

The start of this sport begins with people like you!

Thank-you again

The NDMA Board

Hope your 2020 race season is very successful!!

If you have any further questions PLEASE call:


Tom Peters (701) 220-8411 

Dave Francis (701) 720-6248

Ed Kuhlmann (701) 320-0495

Gordon Wilson  (701) 516-0022

Ryan Peters (701) 220-4423 




     The NDMA board attends all sanctioned points races to assist in the interpretation and enforcement of the rules. The NDMA also acts as final authority on any problems or disputes occurring during the race. It is the promoter/promoting clubs responsibility to have enough personnel and equipment on hand to successfully and safely run your race.

*ALL promoters and promoting clubs ARE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE the following when sponsoring an NDMA sanctioned race:


All promoters and promoting clubs must have their tentative requests for race dates sent or turned in to the Secretary no later than the fall meeting. The last date for requesting a race date is NO later than the fall meeting. Promoters that have their race dates turned in on or before the fall meeting will get first consideration for race dates.


Promoters/Promoting Clubs will have at a minimum the following personnel on hand to work the track.

  1. Admission takers
  2. Signup takers
  3. Scorers
  4. Head flag person/Timer
  5. Flaggers (an amount sufficient to safely cover your track)
  6. Starter and 10 second board person
  7. Award/cash pay out

These people are required to be on site before practice will begin. If all personnel are not present practice will not begin. As a result, it will be announced at the riders meeting that the race has been delayed due to a promoter’s failure to provide all required personnel and the race will not begin until such personnel are provided. In addition the Promoter/Promoting Club will be fined according to the Promoter Handbook for each position not assigned a person. 


If a new track is awarded a race, they must have the layout and obstacles completed six weeks prior to the first race. Upon completion of the layout the track will be inspected by NDMA board members and/or their designated representative. If changes are required a two week grace period will be given and a re-inspection held. If changes are not sufficient to meet the requirements, the NDMA board reserves the right to cancel and reschedule a race at a different location. New tracks will be accessed a $150 Inspection fee for expenses incurred while inspecting your track.


All promoters and promoting clubs MUST CARRY THEIR OWN LIABILITY INSURANCE with NDMA named as additional insured. This document must be turned in two weeks before your race is to be held.


Before practice can begin, all promoters and promoting clubs are required to have two or three medically qualified personnel at the track no later than 8:30AM or practice will not begin.


We ask that promoters/promoting clubs have a pit area, marked off and separate, from spectator parking large enough in size to accommodate the ever growing  number of riders and  increasing vehicle size.


If a promoter/promoting club wishes to cancel a NDMA sanctioned points race, the promoters/promoting clubs must provide a two weeks notice to the NDMA to allow proper notification of riders and the possible rescheduling of the race. Failure to give proper notice may result in denial of future races.


We encourage all promoters and promoting clubs to have a separate track for the 50’s. If a separate track is not available, please take measures to detour 50% of the track.


The Board strongly encourages that there is no practice riding on the track the week of a point’s race to allow sufficient time to prepare the track.


All promoters and promoting clubs are responsible to provide an adequate number of Spiffy Biffs (or something comparable) and an adequate supply of toilet paper for use by the riders and spectators.  Please ensure there is a facility at the starting gate.


All promoters and promoting clubs are responsible to provide their own food stand, if they choose to have one. It is highly encouraged that at a minimum there is a place to buy snacks, pop, water, etc.


It has been brought to our attention that some tracks have noxious weed problems mainly leafy spurge. It would be best if sprayed by Memorial Day Weekend and then checked periodically there after to keep it from spreading around the state.


All promoters and promoting clubs are encouraged to have a PA system and an announcer.


Registration will be from 7:00AM until 8:30AM unless otherwise stated in the race schedule. Having signup the evening before the race is authorized and encouraged.

The Promoter/promoting club is responsible to have people present to handle registration as well as, enough cash on hand for taking fees and making change at the sign up table. The NDMA Motosponder person will not be responsible to help. Promoters not having two people at sign-up will be fined $20.00 for each person they are short and registration will not begin.

An NDMA board member will be present at sign up to sell NDMA licenses and assign numbers.

NDMA will provide the registration forms and score sheets. During registration, the registration staff will check for NDMA license cards to ensure riders sign up and ride in the proper class. Those riders not in possession of their cards will be required to see a NDMA Board member and be subject to the rules in the Rider Handbook

Late sign up is allowed after 8:30AM but the rider is subject to the rules in the riders’ handbook.

The daily per class entry fee shall be as follows:

     1.  $30.00-250cc, 450cc, and Open “A” classes.

    2. $20.00-85cc, Super Mini, 250-B&C, 450-B&C, Vet A/B&C, Open B&C, Women's Open & Vet classes.

     3.  $20.00- 65cc and 50cc classes


A riders meeting will be held following practice unless otherwise approved by the board and printed in the yearly race schedule.  

At the riders meeting:

Weekly NDMA Issues will be presented to the riders, to include:

  1. Business Issues
  2. Combined Classes for the day
  3. Other Issues

The promoter will explain the following:

       1.     The course layout and where to enter and exit.

       2.    What the flags stand for

       3.    Where the results will be posted

       4.    Where the awards will be handed out

       5.    Any other information about how the day will run.

There will be no lap cutting except in extreme circumstances such as a long ambulance run or as determined by the NDMA board and promoter.

There will be absolutely no pit racing. Riders are to be in 1st gear, idling in the pits or when riding to and from the track. This is a safety factor for everyone. Anyone caught pit racing is to be sent to a NDMA Board member for disciplinary action according to the member handbook.


All promoters and promoting clubs are required to hold an organized practice session of approximately 6 minutes per group. There shall be one practice session per group:

1. All A & B (250 & 450)

 2. All C’s (250 & 450)

3. All Vet A/B & Open A/B

4.  All Vet C & Open C

 5.  All 85’s

6. All 65’s

 7. All 50’s

 8. All Women's Open

9. 2 Stroke and Supermini

Note: The NDMA officials may allow additional practice time if there are adverse track conditions (extreme mud, etc.).

~ Doubleheader Sunday Practice session may be shortened.


All races are to start no later than 10:00 a.m. Central Time unless otherwise approved by the board and stated in the yearly race schedule. If possible, please try to have the National Anthem played or sung before the races begin.

To keep classes set up so riders do not end up running back to back motos, the NDMA secretary will prepare the practice and race order for all races.

In the event the NDMA officials determine there is an insufficient number of riders present to support one or more classes, the NDMA Officials may declare a combined program for “A”, ”B” and “C” riders. 


All new tracks, promoters/promoting Clubs, and Promoters/Promoting clubs on probation must pay a $300.00 deposit for each scheduled race.  After holding two properly conducted races, the deposit fee will be lowered to $150.00, and after two properly conducted races at the $150.00 deposit rate that track will be considered established and no longer required to post a deposit.  The deposit shall be refunded after the race is completed or cancelled due to weather conditions, if the race is cancelled by the Board. (Unless that promoter/promoting club is fined for lack of flaggers, scorekeepers, etc. then they will be refunded the amount minus the assessed fine.) This deposit will be paid to the NDMA a minimum of two weeks before that promoters/promoting clubs scheduled race.

All promoters and promoting clubs must pay a $30 promoters fee paid to the NDMA a minimum of two weeks before that promoters/promoting clubs scheduled race(s).

Non-sanctioned races, if advertised on the NDMA website will cost $50.00. This Fee will be paid to the NDMA a minimum of two weeks before that promoters/promoting clubs scheduled race.

IN ADDITION to the $30.00 Promoters fee per race, there will be due to NDMA:

# of Riders                    Per NDMA Rider                     Per Day Rider

0-199                                       $3.00                                       $5.00

200-249                                   $2.50                                       $4.50

250+                                        $2.00                                       $4.00

The NDMA Treasurer will calculate the portion due from the promoter the day of the race and the promoter will have to pay the NDMA before the day is over.

Any promoter/promoting club not paying their fees or fines will be placed on probation and barred from holding a NDMA sanctioned point’s race for a minimum of two (2) years.

All fees, fines and other money transactions will be made in American Funds.


Track width must be a minimum of 30 feet. Under unavoidable circumstances, the track may be less, but still as wide as possible. Jump landings must be wider than the Jump takeoff.

A starting gate or rubber band is mandatory at all races and must hold 20 bikes, which is 65 feet at approximately 39” per bike.  Every effort should be made to have a starting gate.  New tracks with bungee cord starts will have a board or chalk line along the entire length of the start line for riders to place their front tire on, and the bungee cord in a V shape with the outside poles slightly forward of the center so to reduce the chance of a rider getting tangled in the cord at the start. It is the starters’ responsibility to ensure that all riders line up on the block/chalk line or within 15 inches of the starting gate. All Tracks that have held 3 or more NDMA sanctioned points race will be required to have a starting gate. 

All promoters/promoting clubs shall take adequate measures for the prevention of dust on their tracks, even if this takes a full week of watering and grooming before the race. Promoter will continue to assess the track during the race and take appropriate action to control dust and other hazardous conditions.

When marking the track or sectioning areas off with other than ribbons and banners, please try to use things like tires, hay bales, etc., not metal posts or things that could cause injury to the riders. If you do need to use posts or sticks in areas, the part sticking out of the ground must be covered with a tire or something to make it safer.

Try also when building your track to have an entrance/starting area and exit/finish area in a separate location this would allow another race to start while the other is 3/4th done with their last lap. This will help keep the races moving.

Failure to have a properly prepared track (i.e. watered and groomed) will result in that promoter/club being placed on probation, if there is a second violation that promoter/club will be barred from holding a sanctioned point’s race.


The Promoter/promoting club will provide someone at the gate to charge admission. The Promoter/promoting club is also responsible to have enough cash on hand at the gate to make change for incoming riders and spectators.

  Gate Fee's will be at the discretion of the promoter with the following restrictions, A maximum of $6.00 gate fee may be charged for any rider,  pit crewmember, or spectator to gain entry to a NDMA sanctioned race, with 6yrs and under free. 

The NDMA BOARD MEMBERS (list to be given to the promoter prior to the race) are to be admitted for free.


All promoters and promoting clubs must provide awards.

(Trophies, plaques, medallions, hats)

Minimum daily awards shall be as follows:

50cc and 65cc classes-----  Place trophies for 1st thru 5th

Note  ~  Participation trophies for the rest of the 50cc & 65cc riders

85cc & Super Mini classes ----Place trophies for 1st thru 5th

250cc “B” and “C”------------ Place trophies for 1st thru 5th

450 “B” and “C”-------------- Place trophies for 1st thru 5th

Open “B” and “C”------------ Place trophies for 1st thru 5th 

Vet "A/B" and “C”-------------- Place trophies for 1st thru 5th

Women's Open & Vet------------Place trophies for 1st thru 5th

Cash payback A cash payback goes to the following four classes: 250 A, 450 A, Open A and Vet A

Promoters are responsible for awarding prize money at the end of the race day.

The following Payback schedule will be used to pay the cash classes on a per moto bases.  All cash payouts will be in US Dollars.

250 / 450 / Open “A” CLASS


# of Riders

    1st  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th  7th  8th 

3  $31  $22 

4  $42  $30

5  $44  $31  $15

6  $53  $35  $19 

7  $56  $37  $19  $13

8  $64  $43  $22  $14

9  $65  $44  $23  $15  $14

10  $71  $48  $26  $18  $16

11  $76  $52  $30  $21  $18

12  $78  $53  $31  $22  $19  $13

13  $80  $55  $31  $25  $23  $19

14  $84  $58  $34  $28  $24  $22

15  $86  $59  $35  $28  $25  $22  $14

16  $87  $60  $38  $30  $28  $25  $18

17  $90  $62  $41  $33  $30  $26  $22

18  $93  $64  $44  $35  $33  $29  $24

19  $96  $67  $47  $38  $34  $32  $26

20  $96  $67  $48  $39  $35  $33  $27  $14

21  $100 $72 $50  $42  $36  $35  $28  $15

22  $105 $73 $52  $44  $38  $37  $30  $17

23  $108 $75 $54  $46  $40  $39  $33  $19

24  $112 $79 $57  $49  $41  $40  $34  $20

25  $115 $82 $59  $50  $42  $41  $35  $20 $6



# of Riders 

    1st  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th  7th  8th 

3  $14  $10

4  $19  $13

5  $20  $14  $7

6  $24  $16  $9

7  $25  $17  $9

8  $29  $19  $10  $6

9  $30  $20  $10  $7  $6

10  $32  $21  $12  $8  $7

11  $34  $23  $13  $9  $8

12  $35  $24  $14  $10  $8  $6

13  $36  $25  $14  $11  $10  $8

14  $38  $26  $15  $12  $11  $10

15  $38  $26  $16  $12  $11  $10  $6

16  $39  $27  $17  $13  $13  $11  $8

17  $40  $28  $18  $15  $13  $12  $10

18  $42  $29  $20  $16  $15  $13  $11

19  $43  $30  $21  $17  $15  $14  $12

20  $43  $30  $21  $17  $16  $15  $12  $6


All promoters and promoting clubs shall provide a sufficient number of flaggers for all areas of the track, especially by jumps and the finish line. Flaggers need to be instructed on their responsibilities, duties and the seriousness of being a flag person. This means that they are not to help up a fallen rider, their job is to protect that fallen rider from injury by a collision (getting hit by) with another rider. The flaggers are also responsible to keep the course clear of spectators and otherwise insure safety.

If the promoter does not have a sufficient number of flaggers, they will be fined $20.00 per flagger needed. Flagger(s) will be found at promoters expense and will be in place before practice may begin. Flaggers are to cover the track at ALL times or the race will be stopped.

 Scorekeepers will NOT do any flagging.

Promoters must provide their own flags.


The NDMA will provide scoring sheets for the promoter/promoting clubs to use for the race.

The NDMA AND THE PROMOTER will each pay for personnel to enter riders and to score the riders using the laptop computer with the Motosponder Program.


The NDMA board may place promoters and promoting clubs under probation if their responsibilities are not met.

The NDMA board will give the Promoter/Promoting Club a copy of the reasons the Promoter/Promoting Club is being placed on probation. A copy of this will also be placed in the NDMA Meeting minutes.

Probation is (means) that a Promoter/Promoting Club will not be allowed to hold a sanctioned NDMA point’s race. The suspension is from the time of the infraction for a period of not less than the rest of that year racing season, plus one racing season minimum.  More time may be assessed according to the rules.

You will not be allowed to hold a NDMA sanctioned points race until you have corrected the problems stated in the probation letter, and hold a non-points race with NDMA representatives present to prove your ability to hold a properly conducted race.

You will be considered to be on probation until you have successfully held one non-points race, and five NDMA sanctioned points races. You will also be under the fee guide lines as stated above in SANCTIONS & FEES.

The NDMA will allow the Promoter/Promoting Club to hold their non-points race during their plus one year portion of the probationary period.